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DHL's vision is to be a post office for Germany and a logistics company for the world.

It is not a simple statement that, as a global company, we operate in more than 220 countries and regions, or that we often enter new markets as the first logistics company. Our vision indicates that we want to be a logistics company to which people will return - we will be their first choice not only by delivering their shipments, but also as an employer or investor.

Our mission consists of four main elements:

  • we make our customers, employees and investors even more successful;
  • we always show respect while achieving high scores;
  • we facilitate and simplify the lives of our customers;
  • contribute to making our world better.

We are convinced that it is also in the interest of our stakeholders: customers, employees, investors, to achieve all these goals. By interacting with DHL eCommerce, customers benefit from great services.

A company with a goal

Everything that is moved from place to place needs the help of logistics – but behind this simple truth are millions of stories. As a logistics company, we are the backbone of trading by providing everything that needs to be delivered. We not only deliver packages: we deliver prosperity, transport health, feed development and bring joy. Every day we connect people to improve their lives.

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