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Agnieszka Świerszcz, President of the Board DHL Parcel Poland

As CEO DHL Parcel Poland manages almost 8,000 employees and couriers working in 42 units throughout the country.

She began her adventure with logistics from the technical and operational launch of three modern Sorting Centers in Poland - from the preparation of operational plans, through the recruitment and training of employees, to the technical start of sorting systems.

Over the years, she has held a number of key functions, such as The Director of Operations at Sorting Centres, Director of National Operations, Vice President of Operations During this time, she effectively created and implemented cross-function initiatives and projects based on Six Sigma and Lean methodologies.

She is fascinated by new technologies, business challenges and working with people.

She graduated from the faculty of food technology and human nutrition at the University of Life Sciences in Wrocław and the Leon Kozminski Academy in Warsaw.

She spends her free time with family and friends.

Arkadiusz Stasiak, VP Operational DHL Parcel Poland

The leader, the manager, the team creator of the success of the team: results, respectand collaboration with the best experts. A goal-oriented business strategist with over 20 years of experience in FMCG and TSL. One of his personal career goals is to continuously improve the leadership competencies and to take care of them. Effectively managed operations teams with more than 3,000 employees in 6 regions. It sets out years of operational and sales experience, but also a broad background in different business categories. Its priorities are improved performance and process optimization. DHL Parcel Poland career began in 2008 as the Region Operations Manager and then the Director of the Region Operations in Regions. In 2017 he went to the Sales Division as Head of Director Regional Sales by May 2022 As Vice President, Operational is responsible for all operating division, including prioritization and network planning, quality oversight, infrastructure investments, and operational management and team development.

Agata Boroń, Director of Human Resources and Internal Communications DHL Parcel Poland

Associated with the HR area for nearly 15 years. She graduated in psychology from the School of Social Psychology in Warsaw and postgraduate studies in Transport Psychology at the Institute of Motor Transport. In DHL Parcel Poland has been working since 2007, since March 2020 he has been the Director of Communications, previously associated with the RTV industry. In her portfolio of experiences there are optimization of processes, management of processes in change, as well as management of the portfolio of projects, including those from the borderline HR/IT - among them the implementation of cloud solutions related to the digitization of HR processes. In his style of work, he focuses on exploiting people's potential and exchanging best practices. Privately, she is a mother of two daughters – twins and values an active lifestyle. He often spends his free time in Masuria. He is also happy to engage in social activities.

Tadeusz Puchała, Director of Sales DHL Parcel Poland

Graduate from the Chemical Department of Gdansk University and the administration of the Marine Academy in Gdynia. For more than 21 years in sales, both central and regional. In his career, he was responsible for creating pricing strategies, developing sales channels, and building sales and distribution teams. Led marketing trade and strategic projects execution, implemented new organizational structures and bonus systems. He gained his experience in many FMCG channels, including nearly 15 years in the S.A. Group, which is part of Heineken’s global company.

Privately, it is a passionate book and a sports enthusiast and active leisure.

Łukasz Sibielak, Director of Information Systems DHL Parcel Poland

He began his professional career at the consulting firm Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), where for 6 years he was engaged in business process transformations and implementations of IT systems supporting business development in Poland and Germany. He then worked for PTC (now T-Mobile), where he was involved in the creation and management of new products, and later also oversaw a portfolio of projects for the entire company.

Since 2011 he has been responsible for IT services in DHL Parcel Poland. In 2014, the IT team under the supervision of Łukasz received the IT Support Leader award in the "Big Transformation" category.
Privately, Luke spends a lot of time playing sports, playing guitar and reading blogs about social and business content.

You can speak and give interviews on:

  • innovation management,
  • product creation and management,
  • project and programme management,
  • IT infrastructure management,
  • audit and transformation of business processes,
  • customer relationship management.

Jerzy Staszelis, Director of Finance and Administration DHL Parcel Poland

Vice-President of Financial Affairs and Member of the Board DHL Parcel Poland. He has 20 years of experience working in the field of finance. He began his professional career at the audit firm KPMG in Poznań. He then worked in the consulting department of KPMG in Warsaw. Since 1999, in the DHL group, where he created a modern financial management structure to support the strategic objectives of the DHL group. He built from scratch a financial control department, a margin management department and a debt collection department. He successfully implemented SAP and numerous management support systems (Hyperion, Oracle).

In 2006, he led the merger and integration of independent entities Servisco and DHL. From 2011 to 2013, he worked at DHL in the Netherlands and Germany, where as a CFO he built a European Centre for Common Services for Controlling Activities.

He studied in Wrocław and Saabrucken. He graduated from acca. Privately a sports lover and avid marathon runner.

You can speak and give interviews on:

  • CFO
  • strategic management,
  • leadership and team building,
  • change management,
  • margin management,
  • Cost optimizations
  • managing financial processes

Anna Kania-Okieńczyc, Marketing and Customer Experience Director, DHL Parcel Polska

From 2013 associated with the CEP industry, previously for over 10 years she developed the marketing strategy at Canal +. At DHL Parcel, responsible for the development of products and services for business and individual customers, sales of the C2X product, market research and positioning of the DHL Parcel brand on the market, development of the DHL POP network, marketing and PR communication, and the Customer Service Department.

In 2019, she turned a Ph.D. degree in social science in the discipline of managing and quality in the main Commercial School.

She graduated from Marketing and Management at the Warsaw School of Economics, as well as full-time doctoral studies at the College of Economics and Social Sciences at the Warsaw School of Economics.

Her areas of interests:

  • marketing strategies,
  • trends in the CEP and e-commerce industry
  • megatrends
  • project management,
  • cooperation with strategic partners
  • development of alternative forms of delivery
  • digital transformation

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