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See how we work during a pandemic

Due to the Coronavirus situation, DHL eCommerce is taking enhanced precautions in all areas of its business. All preventive actions we carry out are aimed at protecting health and maximal reducing the risks associated with the current situation. The safety of our customers and employees is our absolute priority.

We have equipped all locations with disinfectants and non-contact thermometers. In addition, procedures related to the disinfection of infrastructure elements are introduced in our facilities. We also conduct educational activities for all employees and the DHL eCommerce courier team.

Our couriers have been given detailed instructions on how to take increased precautions in the current situation. Among them is physical contact, e.g. by not giving hands to greet. In addition, we have put in place appropriate system and organisational arrangements for remote work and increased precautions for monitoring and dealing with all persons who have made a foreign trip, both to who's list countries and others.

We have developed precise contingency plans and emergency procedures. Thanks to this, we are able to provide our customers with continuity of services. In the event that there is a need for an emergency shutdown from the operational process of the selected unit, each of the facilities shall be adapted to take over the handling of additional shipments in such a situation.

Senders of shipments are kindly asked to pay special attention to the correctness and completeness of the contact details (email, telephone number) of the recipients. This data is necessary to enable recipients to forward the shipment to another address or to DHL Parcel ServicePoints.

We ensure that we monitor the official communications of the Ministry of Health, the WHO and the Chief Sanitary Inspector on an ongoing basis and take appropriate action.

We will keep you updated on any possible organizational changes.

Information on domestic shipments

In Poland, the operational network operates unchanged, which means that all national locations operate as before.

In May, we introduced an additional form of secure collection of shipments. As before, parcel recipients are not required to sign on the courier scanner. To confirm the receipt of the shipment is enough - so far  - give the courier the name of the person receiving the package or PIN received in the notification (NEW!), and the courier himself will enter this data into the system. You can transfer the pickup PIN to another person so that they can conveniently pick up the package  for you.

Parcel Drop Off & Collection Points:

UNTIL 97% of 10,000 DHL Parcel ServicePoints are active and you can safely and quickly pick up or give a package on the occasion of purchases – without the need to leave the house specifically for the collection of the package. 

Our points comply with all recommendations of the Chief Sanitary Inspector, such as: protection measures, disinfection or safe distance.

Now you can pick up your shipment without having to enter your PIN on the terminal – just enter your merchant PIN and you're done.

  • A list of currently available DHL Parcel ServicePoints can be found at
    (After entering the map, adjust the filter setting e.g. for opening hours or service availability)

Information on international shipments

We provide parcel transport services to all countries of the European Union.

In the interests of the safety of couriers and customers in most countries,  alternative forms of proof of service - the recipient's signature is not required.

Excluded from support there are only selected sites or services, including:

  • part of DHL Parcel ServicePoints packages abroad has been closed. The current list of available points can be found on the
  • in case of unavailability DHL Parcel ServicePoints packages shall, as far as possible, be redirected to the nearest open dhl points or units,
  • shipments with collection service (COD) delivered by couriers in Germany. All COD shipments will be redirected to the DHL Parcel ServicePoint, which will be notified to the recipients.
  • shipments with collection service (COD) payable in cash to Slovakia. Cod payment is only possible with non-cash payments e.g. by credit card,
  • throughout Europe, there may be restrictions on delivery to business customers due to the closure of many businesses and shops. Please make sure that you are able to pick up your shipment before shipping.

Extended transport times for international consignments are expected due to border controls.

Shipments that cannot be delivered will be returned to the sender.

These restrictions are independent of us. We are obliged to introduce them due to the administrative decisions and procedures introduced in some countries to prevent the spread of coronavirus.


DHL eCommerce Supports tailoring in action
"Warsaw Sews Masks for Health Care Workers"
DHL Parcel couriers have been delivering protective masks to Warsaw hospitals and medical facilities.


  • We have equipped all operating units with gloves, masks and disinfectants. We also test other solutions to support couriers in hygiene. Our couriers have received detailed recommendations for the introduction of special precautions. Among them is limiting physical contact and maintaining an adequate distance, as recommended. We also run a wide educational campaign among couriers so that they responsibly monitor their health and follow the recommendations of the administrative authorities. In response to market needs arising from the current situation, we have also introduced an alternative form of proof of service. Parcel recipients are no longer required to sign on the courier scanner to confirm receipt of the shipment.

  • We encourage you to:

    • online payment – it is currently the most recommended and safest solution,
    • organise so that the packages to be delivered, which the courier should pick up, are pre-prepared and await pick-up at the place closest to the entrance so that the courier stays in the building as soon as possible,
    • maintain a safe distance when receiving or sending a shipment to a courier.
  • We have introduced an alternative form of proof of service. Currently, package recipients are no longer required to sign on the courier scanner to confirm receipt of the shipment. It is only necessary to provide the courier with the name of the person receiving the package, which the courier himself enters into the system.

  • We have modified the process of confirming receipt of the shipment in the case of parcels, on delivery, which requires the customer's personal signature:

    • we do not obtain a personal signature at the courier terminal. The courier will check the identity of the consignee in accordance with the procedures agreed with the sender and enter the name of the recipient in the terminal himself,
    • however, we will continue to ask the recipient to hand-sign the documents contained in the shipment.
  • All DHL eCommerce Customer Service Centres are equipped with sanitizer liquid dispensers. We encourage customers and staff to use these preparations. In addition, we have implemented the obligation to regularly disinfect payment terminals and pens intended for use by customers. In visible places, information was displayed about how many people can be at the Customer Service Point at one time and at what distance from the counter they should be located.

  • So far, we have not seen any cases in the DHL eCommerce courier team. However, we are aware that preventive action is crucial in the current situation. We monitor the emerging communications of the Chief Sanitary Inspector and the Ministry of Health regarding the presence of coronavirus in our country on an ongoing basis and take appropriate action.

Operational infrastructure preparedness

  • We have developed precise contingency plans and emergency procedures. As a result, we have become largely operationally independent of external factors.

    We  a wide network of operational facilities that cover the whole of Poland territorially. In the event of an emergency shutdown from the operational process of an entity, each site shall be adapted to take over the handling of additional shipments.

  • We would like to inform you about the possibility of using the option to redirect the package,  change in the date, address or form of service available on the website of the Thanks to this free service, you can pick up your package at a convenient place and time - from the courier, or at one of the nearly 10,000 DHL Parcel ServicePoints, which will allow you to adjust the form of delivery to your current preferences.

  • Thanks to our safety procedures, we provide parcel transport services to most countries in Europe without changes.
    Only selected sites or services, the current list of which can be found on the Above.
    This is dictated by administrative decisions, independent of DHL eCommerce.