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Environmental policy GoGreen sets out the DHL Parcel Poland and the whole DP DHL group


By 2050, we want to  reduce emissions from logistics operations to zero.

Plan for 2025

In order to achieve our great climate goal, by 2025 we want to achieve several ambitious milestones in Poland and other countries:

  • Increase our carbon efficiency by 50% compared to 2007 levels. This new target is based on the approach taken by the Science Based Targets Initiative.
  • Reduce local air pollution by 70% using "clean" means of delivery, such as bicycles and electric cars.
  • Achieve a 50% rate of use of eco-solutions in sales transactions. In this way, we want to ensure that the supply chain to customers is eco-friendly.
  • Train 80% of your employees as specialists of the GoGreen. As a result, we will continuously raise workers' awareness and involve them in environmental and climate activities. Our activities also include the protection of forests - every year we plant a million trees.

We are responsible by nature, and thanks to GoGreen protect the environment and climate.

As part GoGreen, we carry out projects in Poland and other countries, the results of which we measure on the basis of CO2 emissions:

  • reducing emissions
  • more fuel-efficient use
  • use of alternative energy sources

Discover how we implement the GoGreen in Poland

As part of GoGreen, DHL Parcel Poland chooses environmentally friendly solutions wherever possible. We have a real impact on reducing the negative effects of energy production on the environment. That's why we invest in the development of organizations with the intention of changing our environment for the better. Our goals - environmental protection and business success - go hand in hand!


Energy and environmental standards

  • Our commitment to energy efficiency and environmental protection is confirmed by certificates.

    ISO 50001 demonstrates that we are implementing best practices in the field of energy management.

    ISO 14001 is a standard for environmental management, has an impact on pollution prevention, increased self-control and accountability among employees.

  • We use TAURON EKO Premium, which is 100% hydropower.


  • We use modern sorters with laser scanners and video cameras. Advanced technologies help us quickly sort very large quantities of shipments. Allows we optimize machine uptime and energy consumption, as well as minimizing manual handling of shipments. As a result, you only need a fraction of a second to measure and weigh your package and then prepare it for the way ahead.

  • We have modernized the lighting for LED lamps in warehouses,  and in car parks. Thanks to changes in dozens of facilities in the country, we have reduced electricity consumption by many kilowatts.


  • Electronic systems are available in 24/7 and help handle popular customer queries. Data transmission is automatic, saving energy, office costs and computer stations. In addition, we minimize manual work and physical correspondence. - a website where you can track the status of your shipment online - a website where you can manage delivery and redirect the shipment without contacting the sender

    Customer Service Speech Recognition System - simply enter your shipment number by voice on the hotline to get to know its status immediately. Quickly and conveniently, without connecting with a consultant  - this is how ASR, a self-service voice information portal works

  • A website that allows you to automated business client bidding process, data verification and contract signing. All this is done no need to print documents! More than half of the interaction ends with the customer fully ready to ship packages on the day the contract is signed.

  • Our couriers collect delivery confirmations at electronic terminals and scans are archived in the database. We limit the manual writing of consignment letters to the minimum necessary (e.g. emergency situations). Our customers receive invoices electronically.  Documents in electronic form save time, costs and are green.


  • On the territory of our headquarters in Warsaw there are 5 hives and almost 250,000 bees. Urban apiaries protect bees, reduce air pollution and help the surrounding greenery. Assistance to bees is particularly important from the perspective of our Mission 2050 strategy: Zero Emissions!".
    W  Poland is constantly declining bees - with every second their number decreases by more than 100 individuals. On the work (pollination) of these exceptional insects depends on the production of almost 3/4 of the world's food.

  • In 2017, together with the Gaja club, we planted 250 pines in the Bogatki Forest District. In 2019, we will plant another 500. Planting trees contributes to reducing carbon emissions. It is also a great form of integration of employees and their environmental education.