What are DHL Parcel ServicePoints?

These are popular and super-convenient places to quickly and seamlessly
pick up or send the parcel. In short, we call them DHL Parcel ServicePoints.

Do you often order something online but don't want to wait for the courier? DHL Parcel Service Points are the perfect solution for you!
All you have to do is jump to the nearest DHL Parcel ServicePoint, even in slippers :)



Pick up the package!

How to correctly order a package to DHL Parcel ServicePoints?

  1. When you shop online, select DHL Parcel ServicePoints or redirect your package delivered by DHL in the store's basket.
  2. Wait for sms or email notification and drive to DHL Parcel ServicePoint to pick up the package. Provide the PIN from the notification upon receipt.
  3. To pick up the package you have until 7 days.
  4. You can ask someone else to pick up your package. it is enough that you pass it on to the your PIN and phone number. Simply convenient.



Ordering to DHL Parcel ServicePoints pays!

The parcel will be waiting for you up to 7 days.

92% of DHL Parcel ServicePoints are open until 21:00, also on weekends.

With DHL Parcel ServicePoints, you can easily send a shipment or return the order to the sender.

On networks Żabka and Inmedio you can pick up the shipment and pay by card or cash.

Do you prefer parcel machines?

Use in the popular network Biedronka.

LOOK at how we do this at DHL Parcel ServicePoints

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