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Whether you ship domestic shipments sporadically or regularly, you can use a variety of useful DHL Parcel.

Some of them are included. Some are available at an additional cost.

Additional Services included in the price of the shipment

EMAIL/SMS Notifications

Notifications are free information about the status of your shipment on the way to you.

By e-mail or SMS you will receive information about: shipping, date, place and expected delivery times.

The message contains information about the download value if the shipment was shipped with an additional service "Collection and refund" (COD).

With notifications, you can also use the Redirect Package service.

Step-by-step EMAIL/SMS notifications


Online purchase

When you complete a purchase in your online store, enter a mobile phone number or email number to which we will send you notifications about your scheduled date and delivery address.


Preparing your shipment for shipping

After saving the data in the system, we generate a message for you that the shipment is ready to be shipped.


Pick up your shipment from the store

When the DHL courier picks up the shipment, you will receive another notification, this time with information about the expected date and time of delivery, the place and the amount of the download. This way, if you have chosen the cash on delivery option, you have time to prepare your cash.


Delivery of the shipment

On the day of delivery, you receive another reminder of the delivery date.

Redirect a package

Customers are given the DHL Parcel change the date or place of delivery.

The service is useful and convenient - it requires neither contact with the sender nor with the courier.

See how package redirection works in DHL Parcel

Pick-up at the DHL Parcel

Choose the best place and time to pick up your shipment. This shipment is awaiting 4 calendar days. The receiver is verified by PIN and Bill of Lading number.

Service to a neighbor

In the absence of the Recipient, DHL Parcel Courier will deliver the shipment to the alternative address indicated on the consignment note if the address is in the immediate vicinity of the place of delivery. Read more

Electronic delivery confirmation (ePOD)

Electronic confirmation – scan of the document with the recipient's signature. Available in DHL24 for shipments that are assigned using it. Included in the price of the basic service.

Additional Services available at an additional charge:

  • Available only to DHL PARCEL POLSKA.

    Detailed information about the scope of the service offer (postcode of the place of delivery) is available in the DHL24 application or in the Customer Service department DHL Parcel.

    Fee: 12 PLN

  • Detailed information about the scope of the service offer (postcode of the place of delivery) is available in the DHL24 applications or in the Customer Service department DHL Parcel.

    Fee: 50 % of the basic fee, but not less than 15 PLN.

  • Electronic notification and telephone contact of the Courier DHL Parcel the recipient of the shipment on the day of delivery. In the context of that service, the consignor additionally authorises delivery of the consignment to an address indicated by the consignee, other than that on the consignment note (within the delivery terminal). At the same time, the recipient will be able to use the Redirect Package service.

    Fee: 5 PLN

  • Detailed information about the scope of the service offer (postcode of the place of delivery) is available in the DHL24 application or in the Customer Service department DHL Parcel.

    Fee: 50 % of the basic fee, but not less than 15 PLN

  • Cardboard packaging is available at all Customer Service Points DHL Parcel and with couriers DHL Parcel (after prior order). The fee for packaging depends on their dimensions:

    24.5 x 23.5 x 10.5 (cm) (S)  - 2 PLN

    49.5 x 23.5 x 21.0 (cm) (M) - 3.50 PLN

    49.5 x 47.0 x 21.0 (cm) (L) - 5 PLN

    49.5 x 47.0 x 42.0 (cm) (XL) - 6 PLN

    Plastic pouch - 0.50 PLN

  • Handling a shipment paid for by a customer who is neither the sender nor the consignee.

    Fee: 3 PLN

  • The collected payment for the goods is transferred in accordance with the instructions of the Client by bank transfer. The recipient of the shipment is obliged to transfer the amount of the cash collection.

    Each shipment with COD is additionally insured. The amount of the collection is refunded within 5 working days from the next business day after the date of delivery of the shipment (the date of transfer of funds from the bank account of the DHL Parcel).

    The maximum collection amount is 6500 PLN. The pickup amount for pickup at DHL POP cannot exceed 1,000 PLN.

    Fee: 7 PLN + 1% of download value

  • Paper confirmation – printout of the document with the recipient's signature.

    Fee: 12 PLN when ordering a service at the time of shipment.

    Fee: 18 PLN + 5 PLN for each subsequent copy of the document when ordering the service after the shipment (possibility of delivery up to 1 year after delivery of the shipment).

  • Implemented upon receipt of a written order from the sender

    Fee: 10 PLN – within the Delivery Terminal DHL Parcel

    Fee: 100 % of the basic fee – between the two terminals DHL Parcel

  • Download payment report sent electronically.

    Standard report - fee: 1 PLN

    Re-dispatch of the report at the request of the customer - fee: 20 PLN

  • Provide additional financial protection for your valuable package!

    The fee depends on the declared value of the shipment. For shipments up to 31.5 kg:

    • up to 50,000 PLN – 3.50 PLN
    • over 50,000 to 100,000 PLN – 0.2 % of the declared value.

    For consignments over 31,5 kg:

    • up to 50,000 PLN – 7 PLN
    • more than 50,000 to 100,000 PLN – 0.2% of the declared value

    For combined shipments, there is an insurance fee for DHL PARCEL MAX.

    Extending the scope of the service for shipments with a value of more than PLN 100,000 requires separate arrangements contained in a written framework agreement DHL Parcel with the Customer.

  • Handling written orders by fax or e-mail.

    Fee: 5 PLN per order

  • Fee: 5 PLN per order

  • The service consists in obtaining confirmation of delivery of the goods on documents attached outside the shipment and their return to the sender (maximum 5 documents).

    Fee: 13 PLN

  • Return the shipment to the sender.

    An undeliverable consignment shall be deemed to be a consignment which could not have been delivered by DHL Parcel because of:

    • refusal of acceptance by the Recipient,
    • refusal to pay for the service,
    • refusal to pay the amount of the collection as part of the additional collection and refund service (COD),  
    • failure of the Recipient to pick up the shipment after twice attempting to deliver or the absence of valid address data preventing delivery.

    Fee: 100% of the base fee

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