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They will improve your work and manage your shipments. For example, thanks to the free "Redirect Package" you can make it easier for customers to pick up - they change the delivery date or address themselves. Some additional services are already included in the shipping price and others are available at an additional cost.

Domestic shipments - services included in the price

  • Electronic Confirmation – Scan with Recipient signature. Available in electronic tools made available by DHL Parcel for shipments made with them.

  • By e-mail or SMS, the Recipient receives information about the delivery of the shipment, the date, location, and estimated delivery times, as well as the failed delivery attempt (due to the Recipient’s absence from the delivery address or not paying the receivables on the shipment). The message contains information about the collection value if the shipment was received with an additional service COLLECTION AND REFUND (COD). By notifying the Recipient, the recipient can use the service REDIRECT PACKAGE.

  • Drop-off at the convenient DHL POP. Point Network Information:

    For DHL PARCEL POLAND shipments, DHL PARCEL RETURN POLAND and DHL PARCEL ECONOMY, single piece, maximum weight of 31.5 kg and maximum dimensions of 120 x 60 x 60 cm, up to a maximum value of 6,500 PLN. Preparation of the label and packaging is required before making a point.

  • From the time the Shipper has generated the shipment, the Recipient may transfer the shipment through the The Service available to Recipients only provided the Sender has provided the mobile phone number and/or e-mail address to the Sender. 

    Options to choose from one terminal:

    • redirect to pickup in DHL POP or DHL POP BOX
    • indicate new delivery address 
    • change delivery date 
    • void shipment

    Redirect to Pickup in DHL POP or DHL POP BOX is available for single-piece shipments, with a maximum weight of 25kg and maximum dimensions of 80x60x60cm with additional service SHIPMENT INSURANCE with a value not exceeding 6,500 PLN with a COD service of less than 1000 PLN.

  • Electronic invoice that is equivalent to paper invoice Efaxtura is a multi-purpose, safe and easy-to-use service.

    Allows you to receive the invoice information via email, as well as view and download proof of delivery for a billed shipment.

    Efactury activation and access is located at

  • If no Consignee, DHL Parcel Courier will deliver the shipment to the alternate address listed on the bill of lading if the address will be in the immediate vicinity of the delivery location.

    Direct proximity to the delivery location means a location located at the same home, building or facility as the delivery location or a home or a nearby location near the delivery site.

    The recipient will receive a shipment delivery notification to the neighbor via email or SMS.


    Cannot connect to service RETURN OF CONFIRMED DOCUMENTS (ROD).

    Ordering services using DHL Parcel electronic tools.

  • Daily non-delivery shipments from DHL Parcel, sent to the e-mail address indicated.

Domestic shipments - additionally paid services

  • The ability to provide additional financial protection against loss or destruction of a shipment. Includes shipments up to 100,000 PLN. For combined shipments, you will be charged for shipments with items weighing more than 31.5 kg. Extending the scope of the service for shipments with a value of more than PLN 100,000 requires separate arrangements contained in a written framework agreement DHL Parcel with the Customer. The charge is billed individually for each shipment based on a ticket from DHL Parcel Customer Service.

  • The collected payment for the goods is transferred in accordance with the instructions of the Client by bank transfer. The amount of the collection is refunded within 5 working days from the next business day after the date of delivery of the shipment (the date of transfer of funds from the bank account of the DHL Parcel). Each shipment with COD is additionally insured. The recipient of the shipment may transfer the amount of the collection in cash or by credit card. The maximum download amount is 11,000 PLN. If one or more shipments from one Shipper to one Recipient exceed a single bill of 6,500 PLN for one or more shipments, the Payee must be charged with the payment card. Payment Card Payment for COD RECEIVABLES will be charged for payment of payment card. Amount of Collection for Collection at Point DHL POP cannot exceed 1,000 PLN.

  • The charge will be charged when the Consignee transfers the amount of collection using the payment card. For delivery by Courier and pickup at DHL Parcel Customer Service. This surcharge does not apply to pickup at the DHL POP partner point.

  • Support written orders with email. Available only to Contractors who are payers for this service.

  • Handling orders placed by telephone through Customer Service DHL Parcel. Available only to Contractors who are payers for this service.

  • The ability to change the Shipper's delivery address within the country. Executed upon written instruction from Shipper.

  • Please refer to the electronic tools provided by DHL Parcel or DHL Parcel Customer Service for details on offering a service (delivery postal code). DHL PARCEL POLAND and DHL PARCEL MAX PACKAGE only, DHL PARCEL MAX SEMI PALLETS, DHL PARCEL MAX PALLET.

  • Please refer to the electronic tools provided by DHL Parcel or DHL Parcel Customer Service for details on offering a service (postal code).


    The fee will be charged to: 

    • which longest side is greater than 120 cm or any of the other sides exceeds 60 cm 
    • round, cylindrical or oval shape 
    • with irregular shapes with protruding parts 
    • containing loose, heavy components or those whose weight distribution is uneven 
    • placed in a loose package or with an irregular shape (i.e., when the contents can be moved, and thus shift of gravity during transport) • tagged labels DHL MOUNTAIN and NOTE! NST 
    • which content requires special handling (when no auto sorting is available in the handling warehouse or there is a risk of damage to other shipments) 
    • containing liquid substances in packages such as drums, cannulas, pails, etc. 
    • containing objects or devices that produce a magnetic field
    • Merchandise Qualification is available on 
    • The fee is also charged when returning a non-deliverable shipment.
  • You will be charged for items on your pallets when: 

    • used pallets exceeding 120 x 80 cm (EURO pallet) 
    • merchandise goes out of pallet contour 
    • Merchandise is not attached to pallet (e.g., foil, binder tapes, screws, etc.) 

    The fee will be charged for unpacked items when: 

    • the longest side is greater than 120 cm or any of the other sides exceeds 60 cm 
    • labels are stickers DHL MOUNTAIN and NOTE! NST 
    • contain liquid substances in packaging such as drums, cannulas, pails, etc. 
    • round, cylindrical or oval shape 
    • have an irregular shape with protruding components 
    • contain goods that are not likely to be burized (e.g., rolling devices) and cannot be sorted automatically 

    Merchandise Qualification is available on 

    The fee is also charged when returning a non-deliverable shipment.

  • The surcharge will be added to a feature over 200 to 400 cm and will be a separate shipment requiring a separate bill of lading. Item actual weight cannot exceed 50 kg.

  • A non-delivery shipment is deemed to have not been delivered by DHL Parcel due to: refusal by Receiver, refusal to pay for service, refusal to pay the amount of the ancillary service COLLECTION AND REFUND (COD), not receiving a shipment by the Receiver after the delivery attempts have been made or the correct address data is missing.


  • Paper Confirmation – Print with Recipient signature. You can order the service when you ship or post. Achievable up to 1 year after delivery.

  • Obtain proof of delivery on documents shipped outside of the shipment and return to Shipper (up to 5 documents). ROD Service Terms and Conditions are available on

  • Service of a shipment by Principal that is not a Shipper or Receiver.

  • The charge charged when the courier was substituted as per the order and the shipment was not issued to the courier or the Sender was not able to be reached.

  • Applies to EURO pallets (120 x 80 cm) per UIC 435-2.

    Service available for Transportation Shippers with the appropriate contract record.

  • Fee for cardboard packaging, foil and envelopes depending on size.

  • The fuel and road charge is charged to the net price of each shipment. The size and method of calculation are defined on the

  • Invoice preparation fee containing a detailed list of invoiced transactions including bill of lading number, Shipper and Consignee name and shipment charges.

  • Electronic Invoice Attachment.

  • DHL Parcel reserves the right to charge the Customer an administration fee in the event that a recalled DHL Parcel service is required.

  • Administrative fee associated with the return of DHL Parcel service.

  • Once DHL Parcel has been invoiced, the change of payer may be based on the Customer’s written request.

    The administrative fee for reissuing the invoice will be charged to a new payer indicated in the Payer Change Form.

    Form is available on page on the tab Document Templates or in DHL Parcel Customer Service.

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